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Buyer Information

Important read for Home Buyers..

•  Select an agent with whom you can identify, trust, share confidences and be comfortable. Be sure your agent is a member of a local board of Realtors® who must abide to a strict code of ethics; and a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to give you the greatest selection of homes available. Then...

•  Identify your needs in a home (features, location, condition) and identify your wants, extra features you would prefer if available. It is important to share these characteristics with your agent; it will enable him/her to screen available properties that meet your needs. Clearly identify your funds to be applied to the purchase: savings, stocks, bonds, gifts, cash from sale of a current home, etc. Then...

•  Manage to have fun in the process. There is absolutely no reason why home buying should be anything but fun and exciting. It is an adventure and a new beginning. Let your professional agent manage the timing and details regarding inspections, loan application, appraisals, etc. Then...

•  Planning Is essential. Plan your funds to be invested In a new home. Plan to spend a reasonable amount of time viewing properties. Plan on guidance and assistance from your agent in evaluating all factors regarding your choice of investment. Plan to negotiate. Plan for success and setbacks. Plan to reach your goal. Then...

•  Learn from your agent what is available, at what cost, in which neighborhoods. Learn what financing alternatives are available to you. Learn what amenities are really important to you in a home and neighborhood. Then...

•  Expect to spend time and energy talking and thinking about which home is best. Expect timely decision-making-- if a home has required and wanted features, don't procrastinate. Expect your agent to help you prepare and present an offer, help locate financing, arrange inspections, etc. Expect to negotiate the contract- Expect your agent to monitor the financing process through to closing

Seller Information

Check List for selling your home:

•  Lawns and yard, - remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens

•  Front of house - paint, fix or wash railings, steps, storms screens, and/or front door

•  Other exterior - side or back door, gutters, wash windows

•  Garage - straighten up, paint, fix or wash doors and windows

•  Plumbing - repair dripping faucets, leaky toilets

•  Heating / Cooling - clean exterior of unit

•  Lights - replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches

•  Halls and Stairs - remove any clutter to give wide appearance

•  Hardware - oil hinges, tighten door knobs, faucets

•  General condition - dust, wash, paint, fix defects as required

•  Consider the feeling of spaciousness - store unneeded items to "enlarge" room size


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